About Us

    Why Best Choice Trailers?

    We know you have choices when shopping for a trailer, in fact, you've probably already shopped a few. Here are are few reasons why we feel Best Choice is the best place to buy your Trailers!

    • Unbeatable Selection - With nearly 1000 trailers in stock, we have one of the best selections in the Northeast US.  We have enclosed cargo trailers, enclosed car trailers, equipment trailers, landscape/utility trailers, dump trailers, deckover/flatbed trailers, snowmobile trailers, ATV trailers, car haulers, tow dollies, livestock trailers, and horse trailers.

    • One call shopping - As we have many customers that travel a considerable distance, we focus on providing answers BEFORE you make the trip. Imagine calling and getting all your answers quickly, the first time, from a knowledgable source.  No secretary to answer your call and not have the answers, only to not get a return call to an important question.

    • Communication - While we get busy like everyone else, we generally return all calls by the close of business.  We also give you more methods of communication than virtually anyone in the marketplace.  Contact us by phone, email, text, or live chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen!

    • Simple Pricing - The price you see is the price you get...cash or check. Some competitors feel it is necessary to "jack" a price up, then make you feel good by giving you a "here today, gone tomorrow" price, to encourage an impulse buy.  Oldest trick in the book.  We'd rather just have one price and eliminate the wasted time back and forth, and need for remembering "so what did I quote you?", "which price did we give you", etc.  Our everyday low price is often times better than most "sale" prices and looks even better when you compare "out the door" costs.

    • Buying Power - Some talk about buying power, we have buying power.  We work with major brand names to provide you the best trailer at the best price.  

    • Post Sale - Before you leave our lot, we will ensure that you are properly equipped to tow the trailer and will fully answer your questions.  We go a bit beyond just "hitching up", as doing so often requires fixing/repairing tow vehicle issues.  We are equipped with a full line of ball mounts, 4 & 7 pin plugs, brake controllers, fuses, etc., to make sure we get you on the road.

    • Sound Advice - We've sold thousands of trailers.  We routinely get compliments like, "thanks for taking the time to explain the differences" and "you're very knowledgable on your product".  Let us use our experience to help you either pick out or design a trailer that will meet your needs.  We will help educate you and not just strictly sell you.  

    • Warranty Service - We service what we sell.  In fact, we keep a full line of parts to handle most of the "wearables" that may need a little attention.  If you have an issue, bring it in or give us a ring.  We typically handle warranty service on little notice to try and get you up and running as quick as possible.

    • Accessories/Customizations/Parts - While we appreciate some heads up regarding your purchase, many customers are walk-ins.  We can often install the accessories you need while you wait as we keep most items in stock.  E-track, D-rings, Wheel Chocks, Wireless Remotes, Spare Tires, Tarp Kits, Aluminum Wheels, Ball Mount/Pintle Coupler exchanges, Auxiliary Harnesses, Wheel Straps, Ladder Racks, Tire Upgrades, Toolboxes etc. - all in stock!!

    • Custom Trailers - If you need something we don't have in stock, we can often get it.  Let us know the exact particulars, and we can add a few suggestions of "values" we might add if it were our own.  Build times are often quicker than you might think, and often a build doesn't cost any more than taking a trailer off the lot.

    • Delivery - If you can't come get your trailer, let us bring it to you.  We offer delivery service to most areas, or can source a hauler to deliver.  Most times delivery is more reasonable than you might think.

    • Trailers, it's what we do! - Some do trailers "on the side" and are a "full time" car dealer, junkyard, auctioneer, truck accessories, etc.  Trailers are what we do.

    • We take all trade ins - No matter the size or condition of the trade in, we will give it a look and a price.  We try and make the process as hassle free as possible, often able to give a 'ballpark' with little more than a verbal and/or a few photos.  We think you'll find our trade in prices to be fair.  In fact, whether you're buying a trailer or "cashing out", we will generally give you the same fair value.   We do require a valid title to any trailer being traded in.

    • Financing - We offer financing for nearly every trailer we sell.  Financing is fairly quick (typically 15 minutes), easy (sign 1 place), straightforward (all you need is ID), and the rates are pretty competitive. See our finance page for current rates/info.

    • Serving Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), New Jersey (NJ), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE), West Virginia (WV) Massachusettes (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Connecticut (CT), Maine (ME) and Virginia (VA).