Towing Safety

Use the checklist below to ensure you are taking all the proper steps before towing.

• The tire pressure on both the trailer and the tow vehicle should be checked to ensure they are at the recommended pressure.

• The lug nuts or bolts on the trailer and the tow vehicle should be tightened to the correct torque.

• Anything on or in the trailer should be correctly and tightly tied down. Ensure that the load is distributed equally between the front and the back, and side to side.

• The hitch of the tow vehicle should not be too high or too low, making the trailer unlevel.

• The safety chains should be crossed and attached to the tow vehicle. Make sure they are not touching the road, but leave enough slack to allow you to turn normally.

• The wiring should be properly connected to the tow vehicle. Again, make sure any wiring is not touching the road, but leave enough slack to allow you to turn normally without disconnecting or damaging any wires.

• Connect the breakaway system lanyard if applicable and connect to the tow vehicle but do not connect to the safety chains or the ball mount.

• The lights should be working to include running lights, turn signals, brake lights, and hazard lights.

• Raise the trailer jack and any stabilizers and lock them in place.

• Adjust mirrors if needed for better visibility.