Deckover/Flatbed Trailers

We keep deckovers in stock for about any use with models such as: Straight deck w/ slide in ramps, beavertail with stand up ramps, pop up dovetail with slide in ramps, full deck power tilt's, beavertail with 2 flipover ramps, new full width loading ramps, and hydraulic dovetails.  Our sizes range from a 102x16' to a 102x53', and weight ratings from 7000# to 25999# + available air brake trailers.  Our brands include Sure Trac, Load Trail, Lamar, Norstar Ironbull, H&H, and more.  Generally a deckover trailer is used for a variety of applications, but is most commonly a trailer designed with the wheels underneath and the trailer deck being 102" wide, allowing the max possible unrestricted loading width.  Deckover's are ideal for loading larger bobcat's, mini excavator's, backhoe's, paver/roller's, telehandler's, military equipment, pallet material, tractor's, full size trucks, etc.  Deckover's mainly come in either a single wheel application, commonly called "singles" (2 axles, 4 wheels) for 16K and under applications, and dual wheel, commonly called "duals" (2 axles, 8 wheels) for 22K+ weight ratings.  Singles tend to primarily be sold in a bumper pull/tag setup with either a ball or pintle coupler, and are often 20' (10K GVW) to 25' (14K GVW) lengths.  Duals are more often than not in a gooseneck configuration, and are most common in 25-32' lengths, although they go as long as 44' on a gooseneck, and 53' on a 5th wheel setup.  The most common sizes we sell are a 20' 10K bumper in several ramp styles, a 22' 14K bumper or a 24' 14K gooseneck deckover tilt, a 20+5 14K bumper or gooseneck single with 2 flipover ramps, a 25+5 22K gooseneck dual with 2 flipovers or full width ramps, and a 32' (22+10) 22K gooseneck hydraulic dovetail.  You may want to look at our FAQ page if you have questions concerning commercial use and DOT #/combo tags/CDL/medcial card's, etc.  While the vast majority of deckover's are steel, we do stock some aluminum deckover trailers.  Be careful to look at what weight rating axles are on competitors trailers as many include tongue weight into the trailer's GVWR, which could have you thinking your buying more trailer than you really are (some call a trailer with 2-7K axles a 16K trailer, which to a normal person would imply 2-8K axles that is a MUCH different and more expensive set of running gear, similarly some call 2-10K axles a 25K, which would typically have 2-12K axles).  This can not only get confusing and borders on deceiving, but can also throw some vehicles into CDL territory.  We often have trailers built that are available and not currently on our website.  If we don't have what you want, give us a ring about doing a custom build.  

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Showing1-60 of 145 items

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