Dump Trailers

With a dump trailer inventory often exceeding 100 units, we have a dump for nearly every application.  Our sizes range from a 4.5x8 up to a 8.5x22', and weight ratings from 2990# to 25999#.  We have sold thousands of dumps and keep a full line of dump accessories (tarp kits, spare tires, solar/110V chargers, auxiliary harnesses, aluminum wheels, wireless remotes, side extensions, rear skidsteer jacks, etc) in stock that can often be installed while you wait. Our brands include Sure Trac, Load Trail, Lamar, Norstar Ironbull, Quality Steel & Aluminum, and more.  Generally a dump trailer is used for a variety of applications, but is defined by having a electric hydraulic power unit that will tilt the trailer to an approximately 45 degree angle, thereby removing the contents without the effort of unloading.  Dumps are becoming more common as they can also perform tasks similar to an equipment or utility trailer, making it the closest thing to a universal, do-all trailer.  Dump trailers mainly come in 2 types - deckover and low profile.  A deckover (DO) would be a dump with the wheels tucked underneath the bed, saving the approximately 18" width of a set of fenders, and making the overall width about 1' narrower than a low profile, and sitting up about 4-6" higher.  This is nice for parking in the street or pulling through the woods.  It can be a bit more tippy or top heavy, but does a better job at dumping on piles.  It is often lighter and cheaper than a low profile.  A low profile (LP) dump trailer would refer to a dump with the wheels outside of the frame, thereby making the trailer lower to the ground and having a wider stance.  This makes the trailer very stable and less tippy, and the low stance makes it ideal for loading equipment onto.  A low profile dump is generally about 18" wider overall than the box size.  A low profile dump is the better choice for many users, but a deckover has it's benefits in certain applications.  Our most common dump trailers are a 5x10 7K LP, 6x10 10K LP, 7x12 12K LP, 7x14 14K LP, and a 6x10 10K DO, 8x14 14K DO, and a 8x16 14K Gooseneck DO, but vary by brand.  We stock all available hoist types (single ram, dual ram, scissor, telescopic) with each having their own benefits and drawbacks, but the most common are a single ram on sizes 10' and under, and dual ram on sizes 12' and over.  We can get steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum, with steel being by far the most common due to strength.  We rarely get used dumps traded in as they are a newer fad, wear out quicker than a typical trailer as they are generally used commercially, and are multifunctional.  One common "issue" of most dump trailers would be battery maintenance/charging as it is the key component to operation.  If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a ring as we surely can get it or build it.  We often have access to trailers already built, but not posted on our inventory page.

Showing1-60 of 245 items
Showing1-60 of 245 items

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