Full Width Ramp

We sell a variety of in stock gooseneck deckover trailers with full width ramps in a 14000-30000# GVW.  Brands include Sure Trac, Lamar, Big Tex, and Ironbull.  Locations in Carlisle (Harrisburg) and Irwin (Pittsburgh) PA, we service most surrounding states, including MD, DE, NY, MA, CT, VA, OH, and WV.  Our most common length with these ramps would be 25-40'.  The oversize ramps add a few hundred pounds of empty weight, but allow full width loading, and the versatility to fold over flat for a complete level deck, and is many cases they can stand up the ramps to utilize the full deck length.  While there are many names for them from various brands - Mega Ramps (Big Tex, Monster Ramps (PJ), Universal Ramps (Sure Trac), Rhino Ramps (Lamar), Rampage Ramps (Ironbull), etc. - we call all of ours full width ramps for simplicity, as that's pretty much what they are.  Approx empty weights - 25' 14K-4700#, 30' 16K-6000#, 30' 22K-6500#, 40' 25.9K-8000#.  3/4 ton is the minimum tow vehicle for units with 7000# (14-15K GVW) or 8000# (16-17.6K GVW) axles, 1-ton single wheel would be ideal, these units can often be setup for non-CDL applications.  A 1-ton single wheel is the minimum tow vehicle for units with 10000# (20-22K GVW) or 12000# (24-25.9K GVW) axles, 1-ton dually would be ideal, these units require a CDL.  A gooseneck will provide more tongue weight to the truck as it mounts about 5' further forward than a bumper pull, providing a better towing experience. Tongue weight to the tow vehicle is usually 22%, or 1% per foot from the coupler to axles on longer units.  This is a very versatile trailer, capable of tackling a number of different applications from hauling building materials, equipment, vehicles, and freight.  All of our inventory will be built on an I-beam frame, some are pierced frame models which are visible with treadplate over the wheels wells, which lowers the deck to 32" (standard is 36").  Pierced frame is ideal for equipment, standard is ideal for farming and off-road applications.  Units will all have a 2 5/16" gooseneck ball, but if you have a cab chassis, we can switch to a 5th wheel.  Everything listed is in stock inventory unless stated otherwise, call to confirm availability.  Price shown for cash/check/finance sale, we have no doc, prep, or freight charge.

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