Tilt Deck & Rollback

We sell a variety of tilt (power and manual) and rollback trailers in both steel and aluminum frames.  Brands include H&H, Bear Track, and Kwik Load.  Locations in Carlisle (Harrisburg) and Irwin (Pittsburgh) PA, we service most surrounding states, including MD, DE, NY, MA, CT, VA, OH, and WV.  Our most common models would be a 18' 7K, 20' 10K, and 22' 14K.  Generally a 7000# trailer will weigh about 2000# leaving roughly 5000# of available payload + tongue weight, a 10K will weigh about 2500# and have 7500# payload, and a 14K will weigh about 3000# and payload 11000#.  Ideal for loading a variety of cargo, most notably cars, 1/2 ton, and full size pickups.  Brakes on both axles.  Tilt decks can load most stock vehicles, and although they have a similar load angle (about 12-13 degrees) to a beavertail car hauler, it will load cars a car hauler won't as it only have one break in the plane, so headers don't catch.  A rollback, which loads at about a 5-7 degree angle, is a specialty trailer designed for loading customized, or track/supercars.  Everything listed is in stock inventory unless stated otherwise, call to confirm availability.  Price shown for cash/check/finance sale, we have no doc, prep, or freight charges.

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Showing1-60 of 69 items

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