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2018 Sure-Trac 8.5x16' Enclosed Cargo Trailer 7000# GVW - VARIOUS OPTIONS


This unit is equipped with:
- Adjustable Coupler/7k Dropleg Jack
- 2 Transition Plates
- 6" Extended Tongue
- 12" Kickplate
- 12" Toolboard
- Torsion Axles
- Super Duty Ramp

The Sure Trac line of commercial level cargo trailers are our top-of-the-line in steel subframe trailers. A enclosed cargo trailer is ideal for moving most types of goods, such as general cargo, motorcycles, UTV's, mowing equipment, and of course cars in a car hauler model. The low profile drop axle design makes the approaching load angle very easy to maneuver most items. One benefit to an enclosed trailer is security of valuables, and it keeps your cargo out of the elements. A 8.5x20 and a 8.5x24' are the most common sizes in 8.5' wide cargo's, but other sizes are available by order. We order most 8.5' wide cargo's in a upgraded 9900# GVW, but they are also offered in several other weight ratings (7000#, 12000#, 14000#, etc). This trailer is equipped standard with a 2 5/16" ball, and comes with a 7-pin 12V plug, which is standard on most all current pickup trucks. This model comes in either a STWCH flat top/V-nose model, or an STRCH round top/radius front model. All 8.5' wide cargo will weigh about 3400-3800#, giving payloads with tongue weight of about 7000# or more on a 9900# GVW model. An ideal tow vehicle for this size trailer would be a A½ or A¾ ton truck. A 8.5' wide model is distinguishable by the enclosed wheel wells, and is the widest cargo trailer you can get. 8.5' wides are known as car haulers, and are equipped with such features: 4 HD D-rings, side door step well, a triple tube tongue, oversize side door, and a rear beavertail. The model comes pretty well equipped, but does have a fairly extensive list of available options. Sure Trac's attention to detail and quality is shown throughout on these models with many standard features not offered on other brands on the market. When you compare the nuts and bolts of this trailer to most others on the market, you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find. If you are looking for a trailer that is not overbuilt, is not under built, but well built for either a commercial use or a discerning homeowner (and a good value), you should take a closer look.

3 Year Structural Limited Warranty
6'6" Interior Height
3/4" Engineered Wood Flooring
Fully Cured Undercoating
Polyethylene Vapor Barrier
Aluminum Door Hold Back
3" Exterior Trim
Aluminum Wheels
LED Interior Dome Lights
Color Matched Screws
Easy Lube Hubs
4" Drop Axles
15" Radial Tires
Self-Adjust Brakes
Zinc Plated Jack
6" Tube Frame and Tongue
16" On-Center Tube Wall Studs
16" On-Center C-Channel Cross Members
Tube Roof Bows
48" Beavertail
All LED Lights
3/8" Plywood Walls
(4) 5K D-Rings
.030 Aluminum Exterior
Bright Front Nose Cap
Bright Rear Hoop
Seamless Aluminum Roof
48" RV Side Door
4,100 lb. HD Ramp Door with Wood Flap
Silver Thermo-SheathaAAAAAAAA¢ Ceiling Liner

Comparison to industry standards:

-Standard Ramp Gate (Many manufacturers are standard with barn doors and charge extra for a ramp. A ramp is standard on all Sure Trac enclosed trailers. The ramp has full width hinges with grease zirts, is trimmed out with aluminum trim, has plenty of bumpers, and has dual aluminum grab handles. Many ramp doors have undersized hinges, are exposed steel, and have a single plastic handle. A ramp flap extension is also a standard feature, and it has lots more lags in the hinge than we've seen on other models).
-Spring assist ramp gate (Not only is the gate sprung, but it's properly adjusted. This ramp is a breeze to lift).
-3" top and bottom trim (Not only is the trim stylish and completes the look, but it also has a lot more lags than most to keep it secured. The trim is also mitered at the joints whereas we see some that just butt joint the trim. Industry standard bottom trim is around 1" and is often poorly fastened).
-Zinc set back jack (More corrosion resistant than most, and also in a set back position to reduce the chance of impact with your tail gate. Many still use a standard painted A-frame jack that is in the way).
-Sealed LED lights (Brighter, longer lasting, and they have less draw. Now with the new bullet style. The rear stop/turn/tail lights are a high output light and have a fancy chrome bezel. Some competitors are still using incandescent, stud mount lights)
-Protected wiring (Unlike many trailers that literally either have the wiring stapled to the underside of the bed, or ran through a torched hole, the wiring is ran to a junction box and gel filled. The wiring is also ran in frame and grommetted. Interior wiring is also ran through plastic grommets.
-Easy lube hubs (This standard feature makes servicing your bearings a breeze for any homeowner armed with a grease gun and a few hand tools)
-15" Radial Tires (Longer lasting and better riding, radial tires should be on all trailers, but sadly many still use bias...beware of the "hybrid" tire, which looks like a radial, but is still a bias tire at heart).
-Self adjusting brakes (We equip all of our tandem axles with brakes on both axles. The brakes are self or forward adjusting, much like a vehicle, and automatically adjust to the proper clearance via spring tension).
-Aluminum wheels...standard (Aluminum wheels complete the look of the trailer and make it "pop". Lightweight, stylish, corrosion resistant are all traits of an aluminum wheel).
-Semi-screwless exterior (All trailers are glued on the "in between" studs and screwed at every 4' seam. This reduces the screws by 66% and keeps the trailer looking sharp. This not only looks good, but is also appealing to anyone looking to decal the trailer. Semi-screwless gives the benefit of a nice, clean look, without the risk of having a "pop" with a completely screwless trailer).
-Tube crossmembers (All wall studs and roof bows are made from tubular posts. Tube steel, due to the shape of the extrusion, is much stronger than Z-post and hat post. All posts do a decent job withstanding vertical load, but tube does a much better job at resisting torsional buckling. Ask to try our in-store example to see for yourself the difference in strength. Tube floor studs are available by special order for HD contractor and landscaper models).
-RV Side Door (The RV side door is both stylish and functional, and uses chrome plated door hardware instead of plastic. The door gives a completed look to a trailer, and the strap hinge doors are a bit old fashion. It also provides the ability to lock the trailer from both inside or outside, and provides 2 different locking methods. Many cheaper trailer brands save a few bucks by building strap hinge doors in house).
-Z-Tech Undercoating (Yes, the trailer is undercoated with industry leader Z-Tech to make it last a lot longer. Many don't undercoat while others just undercoat the bottom frame, however, this trailer is undercoated on both the bottom frame and the ceiling bows)
-(8.5' wide)Triple tube tongue (A Standard feature on all 8.5' wide car hauler models. Much more support and stability than the inferior trailers offering only a single tube or an A-frame tongue. If you ever load tongue heavy, this is the trailer for you).
-(8.5' wide) Tie downs (All car hauler models are equipped standard with 4 D-rings. The rings are placed in the most ideal setup for a car or similar. The D-rings are heavy duty 5000# rated each. If you take a peek under the trailer, you'll notice the backer is much different than most. Rather than using fender washers or a piece of 1/8" flat between crossmembers, the backer is a 3-sided formed backer to give maximum subfloor strength to the D-ring).
-Birch plywood walls (The walls are equipped with 3/8" birch plywood. The birch has a nice look, and is a nice, smooth sanded surface. We see many cargo's using a B/C Pine, some appear to be seconds, while others come through standard with luan, OSB, or other inferior substrates).
-Powdercoat Tough (We are not aware of any cargo manufacturer powdercoating the tongue of the trailer. In fact, we've seen some inferior product that almost needs repainted before it leaves the lot from new! The main reason most cargo trailers have poor paint finish is because of the minimal amount of the trailer that gets painted. For most, it's not worth the investment in equipment. Sure Trac, on the other hand, builds many open trailers and already has access to a better prep and finish).
-Vapor Barrier (A vapor barrier is often left off cheaper brands, but remains critical to the longevity of a well built trailer. A vapor barrier is designed to prevent electrolyosis, which occurs when dissimilar metals touch. Trailers without a vapor barrier will start to corrode at the bottom exterior of the trailer...not if, but when. This process we've seen happen in as little as 3-4 years depending on the trailer and how it's used, and creates little pinhole size holes that grow over time).
-Color matched screws (Painted screws not only blend it better with the trailer, but they also will help protect screw heads from the acid rain).
-6'6" Standard Height (While 6'6" is pretty standard for car haulers, Sure Trac also builds 7' wide cargo's with the taller inside height. Those extra couple inches not only help to keep from banging your head, but can also make the difference in getting a UTV inside, and standing up things like a appliance or furniture).
-4" drop axles (While most all enclosed trailers use drop axles standard, some of the more economy ones use straight axles. You can generally pick these out pretty easily as they look exceptionally tall. A drop axle makes the trailer not only less top heavy, but also easier to load).
-6" tube frame and tongue (On all Sure Trac enclosed 7' wide and 8.5' car haulers, a 6" frame and tongue is standard. Many use a 4" tube, while we see some using 5" tube on 7' wides, and often see 6" mini I-beam on car haulers. Tube is widely regarded in the industry as the best frame as it's both strong and lightweight, and resists torsional buckling).
-Tube header (Where the A-frame meets the first crossmember, we often see a formed crossmember. Sure Trac uses a piece of tube for a more solid foundation).
-.030 Aluminum Exterior (.030 used to be an industry standard years ago. Ever wonder why trailers in the last 10 years started looking wavy? It's partly because you see more colors now, which absorb more heat, but it's also because many today are using a thinner .024 aluminum. Combine a nice dark color, .024 metal, a light duty frame, and a longer trailer and you've got yourself a recipe for a buckled and puckered eyesore going down the road).
-Bright front corners & rear hoop (The bright anodized front and rear provide a nice, clean, finished look to the trailer).
-16" O.C. Wall/Floor Crossmembers (Not only do these pro series trailers come with a heavy duty frame, but they also have HD crossmembers. A 16" O.C. crossmember is heavy enough for most any contractor, both on the floor and walls. Many in the industry use either 24" O.C. on one or the other, and sometimes both!)
-Seamless One Piece Roof (A seamless roof gives piece of mind to the user that there are zero penetrations in the roof. The roof is also made from aluminum, which will stay a bit cooler than a seamed galvalume roof, which is a mixture of steel and aluminum. A one-piece roof will also last the life of the trailer as you don't have to worry about rust).
-.080 Seamless Roof Cove (All round top roof's get a 1-piece roof cove that runs the length of the trailer. Not only does it lok cleaner than a seamed radius, but it is also significantly thicker).
-(8.5' wide) Tube outriggers (On car haulers, you essentially have a 7' wide frame, and approx. 9" outriggers that box in the fenders wells. Most all cargo trailers use fairly light duty formed floor crossmembers to keep weight down, but most aso use these light crossmembers for outriggers. On a Sure Trac, the outriggers are a much heavier box tube. This is critical because your wall, and anything on top of it, are being supported by these outriggers).
-Little details(Things we appreciate that are small, but add to the value in our opinion, include: door hardware that actually functions and fits without needing adjustment, aluminum door holdbacks ILO plastic, taller 24" stoneguard where many are using a shorter stoneguard, LED dome lights where many are still using incandescent, etc.)
-5-year warranty (Many do a 1, 2, or 3 year warranty. Some are offering 5 year warranties, which are longer than they've been in business!)
-5 standard colors - White, black, silver, charcoal, and pewter (All the colors are standard all the colors are .030. Other colors are available at an additional cost).
-(8.5' wide) 48" side door (Many use a 32", while others offer a 36", but Sure Trac is equipping all 8.5' wide car haulers with a 48" side door standard).

Item Location

Best Choice Trailers - Carlisle

1512 Spring Road

Carlisle, PA, 17013

(717) 220-4220

Stock No: 211127

Our Price: $7,495.00
  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2018
  • Manufacturer: Sure-Trac
  • Model: STR10216TA
  • Length: 16'
  • Width: 8' 6"
  • Height: 6' 6"
  • Weight: 2960 lbs
  • GVWR: 7000 lbs
  • Axle Capacity: 3500 lbs
  • Axles 2
  • Construction Steel Frame Aluminum
  • Pull Type Bumper
  • Ramps Yes
  • Color White

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2018 Sure-Trac 8.5x16' Enclosed Cargo Trailer 7000# GVW - VARIOUS OPTIONS

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