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2018 Sure-Trac 7x12' HD LowPro Dump Trailer 12000# GVW - ST8212DD-B-120


Heavy Duty Low Profile Dump - The heavy duty low profile dump is our most common Sure Trac dump as it is a tremendous overall value. The low profile dump the only way to go if you are loading anything with ramps, or if you want a lower and wider, more stable platform. In recent years, Sure Trac has added a handful of standard features, including an underbody tool tray, heavy duty double broke fenders, stake pockets, slipper spring suspension with wet bolt kit, heavy duty jack and coupler, and more. The 7' wide heavy duty dump is ideal for loading most larger equipment, such as a skidsteer/bobcat, a large compact tractor, a mini excavator, etc. One downfall to the lower profile model is your piles are extended a bit further than a deckover as you'll need to pull further forward to unload. The major advantages to a low profile are a lower center of gravity, it's much easier to load, and has a lower deck height if your hand loading material. The 7' low profile dumps packs a lot of value - standard features such as: power up/down, smart integrated side panels, radial tires, triple tube tongue, tubular mainframe and tongue, sealed LD bullet lights, tarp shroud, spare tire mount, D-rings, front and rear bulkhead, 10 gauge floor, combo/spreader gate, undermount ramps, sealed wiring harness, 2' sides, etc. Sure Trac also offers a 24" sidewall standard, whereas we see some only offering a 20" sidewall. While this model is offered in several weights and sizes, our "bread and butter" models would be the 7x12 12K HD, 7x14 14K, and 7x16 14K. Sure Trac offers a variety of hoist types (dual ram, scissor, telescopic), but the standard and most common hoist is a dual ram. We often have all 3 of the hoists in stock. The HD models come in 12000#, 14000#, and 16000# weights, and 7x12, 7x14, and 7x16' lengths. The ideal tow vehicle for this dump would be a larger AAAAAAA½ ton truck such as a 5.7 Tundra or similar, AAAAAAA¾ ton gas, or a AAAAAAA½ ton diesel (12K dump only). A AAAAAAA¾ ton-1 ton truck on the 14K/16K models. Sure Trac powdercoats all of the models with one of the most durable finishes in the industry, thanks in part to state-of-the-art equipment in their new dump plant.


45 Degree Dump Angle
Deep Cycle Marine Grade Battery
(5) D-Ring Tie-Downs
24" Sidewalls
7-Way RV Style Electrical Plug
Welded Tubular Steel Main Frame
Ramps (Stored Underneath Bed)
Iron Phosphate Wash Steel Prep
2-5/16" A-Frame Coupler
Side Steps
Spare Tire Mount
Combo Barn Door Spreader Gate
EZ Lube Hubs
Powder Coat Finish
Tongue Mounted HD Control Box with Key Lock
Integrated Side Body Stiffening System
Rubber Mounted LED Sealed Lights
All-Wheel Brakes
Straight Axles
Underbody Secure Tool Storage
Protected Brake Wiring
Integrated Tarp Mount
EverLink- High Performance Wiring Harness
10 Gauge Floor
2K, Zinc Plated Coupler Mounted Jack
16" Radial Tires (235 80R16 LRE) 6K And 7K axles
NEW FOR 2016:

Hydraulic Dump
-(7) Slipper spring suspension (All 12000# GVW and up dump trailers will receive the heavy duty suspension standard. It provides more durability and stability to the trailer than dual eye springs. They are also equipped with a wet bolt kit for service).
-(7) Underbody tool storage (All 7' wide HD and larger low profile dumps receive an underbody tool tray for storing tools or similar items in a protected area).
-(6 LP 10K/7 LP) Various hoists available (Many manufacturers offer one hoist type and salesmen try to get everyone to believe that hoist type is the best. Sure Trac has efficiently designed the trailer with all 3 hoist types in mind. On 6' dumps a single ram is standard with optional scissor and telescopic hoists. On 7' low profile's, dual ram is standard with optional scissor and telescopic. Which ram is the best? See our attached spreadsheet for more details. The answer is, they will all do the job well, they just go about it differently, and the trailer frame and hydraulic pressures need to be adjusted accordingly. A dual ram tends to be the most common as it does the job just fine, and is generally more economical. A scissor works is a fairly similar manner to a dual ram, but is slightly more efficient. A single vertical 3-stage telescopic is the best and most efficient, but is least common due being a bit more expensive, and is overkill for most applications. Telescopic, for instance, is used most often in large dump trucks due to the length of the stroke, but also due to the efficiency).
-(6 LP/7LP) Integrated side step (A side step is a standard feature on all 6' and larger low profile dumps. It is covered with expanded mesh for traction).
-(6 LP 10K/7 LP) Undermount Ramps (All Sure Trac ramps are undermount for ease of access. The ramps are approx. 80" long, providing a sufficient load angle to load most machinery. Some manufactuers advertise 5' ramps while others hang their ramps on the not...not exactly user friendly!).
-(6 LP/7 LP) Front and rear bulkhead (Standard on all low profile dumps, the bulkhead provides a number of benefits. First and foremost, it puts the lights in a more visible location for increased safety, and less chance of damage. It also provides an easy to use sidewall extension for a 2x12 board. Finally, the bulkhead acts as an air deflector of sorts to keep lighter debris in the bed, and also provides the housing for a tarp kit.
-6 LP 10K/7 LP) Lower deck height...than most (We find the deck height of Sure Trac dumps to be just about right, 6' wide low pro's are 27", 7' HD low pro's are 29". Many in the industry sit at about 32" on a 7' low pro, and some of the new lesser common super low pro's are as low as 25" load height. The 29" height is a good balance between a low load angle, and having sufficient ground clearance when dumping).

-Smart Integrated side panels (The smart integrated side panels provide a smooth and sleek appeal that provides additional structural support while adding little empty weight. As they are formed into, not welded on the sidewall, they are maintenance free and have a seamless look. This keyway provides critical support to an often overlooked area of the trailer).
-Tubular tongue, mainframes, and bed frames (This is the best combination for light weight but high strength available on the market. Many use a cheaper channel tongue and mainframe. Beams and angles are great for static loads like in a building where loads are truly vertical. For a trailer which has to endure side loads as well as vertical loads tubing is good for resisting side loads as well as vertical loads comparing an equivalent weight per foot of steel. Torsion and twisting is handled better by the box tubing better than channels).
-Power up and power up (Standard on all single and dual ram hoists. Besides the smaller reservoir required taking up considerably less toolbox space, on a single acting cylinder, the rod is never lubricated & since there has to be a breather on some sort on the rod end, you have the possibility to introduce moisture into the cylinder. Not only is the rod more susceptible to corrosion, but so is the inside of the tubing, which is not chrome plated. This might not be an issue if it's used regularly, but what if it's being stored outside during the winter? Not only is corrosion bad for the integrity of the steel, It will destroy a piston & wiper seal pretty quickly, which means you'll have leaks & less power for lifting).
-Double broke steel tread plate fenders (A double broke fender is stronger and looks better than a cheaper single broke. It completes the look so to speak, and provides additional strength. Many cheaper dumps use a smooth radius or jeep style fender - not tread plate or broke).
-Better jacks (Light duty trailer gets a standard A-frame jack, but they are zinc plated, and the deckovers get an extended sandfoot so you don't have to carry around a wood block! The larger trailers, 6' low profile and up, get a standard bolt-on drop leg jack. To deploy, simply pull the pin and it extends to the ground. You simply have to crank the jack the height of the ball rather than 15"+. If it gets damaged, it's an easy replacement rather than a trip to a fab shop.
-Better paint...period (Sure Trac has reinvested in a new state of the art dump plant that opened in early 2015. There are a few distinct steps in the process not found in dumps as many manufacturers are still using outdated technology and processes. First, the steel is stored inside, not outside. Next, the trailer is assembled, and then blasted with steel grit, not sand, for a better surface profile for the paint to "grab" onto. Next, the trailer is phosphate washed, which is the typical process. Finally, the trailer gets zinc chromate, before being powder coated. The majority of trailers on the market do not receive zinc, which is critical to a successful powdercoat as it is otherwise raw steel underneath. Prep, prep, prep...the finish is less important than the prep.
-Bullet LED lights (Brighter, longer lasting, and they have less draw. Now with the new bullet style which are sleeker and less of a target. Some competitors are still using stud mount incandescent lights)
-Easy lube hubs (This standard feature makes servicing your bearings a breeze for any homeowner armed with a grease gun and a few hand tools)
-Radial Tires (Longer lasting and better riding, radial tires should be on all trailers, but sadly, some name brands you've probably heard of still use bias...beware of the "hybrid" tire, which looks like a radial, but is still a bias tire with reduced tread wear).
-Self adjusting brakes (We equip all of our tandem axles with brakes on both axles. The brakes are self or forward adjusting, much like a vehicle, and automatically adjust to the proper clearance via spring tension).
-Spare tire mount (While many don't include a mount or have an uninspiring design, Sure Trac's does an excellent job integrating the mount into the structure without obstruction, is well placed and well designed).
-Silicone joints (Sure Trac protects the various seams of the trailer from the elements, such as between the tongue and mainframe, fender backer, between bed and bedframe, etc).
-Sealed wiring harness/Sealed brake connections (More time using the trailer and less time working on it! Our trailer features a sealed modular harness, equipped with plug & play sealed brake connections. The wiring is concealed and protected, in frame, and is grommeted at every penetration).
-Integrated tarp holder (All trailers receive an integrated tarp holder. The tarp holder blends into the trailer design rather than looking like an afterthought. If purchased, the tarp kit is a professional grade kit, that includes an aluminum rod assembly, with ball bearings and grease zirts on both ends, a flipover spring loaded handle, and we include a sail bar, which helps keep the fabric straight, protected, and easy to deploy).
-Triple tube tongue (Standard equipment on all dumps. A triple tube tongue is one of the most common due to the strength the full angle frame gives to the trailer. It supports the outer edges of the trailer and prevents the chassis from twisting when poorly loaded. Out of the three tongue designs, the "A" frame is structurally superior as it offers excellent horizontal stiffness and good vertical support. Any stress's on the tongue are transferred to the chassis outer edges through the tongue and effectively share the load. Many competitors only use an A-frame tongue design).
-Tie downs (5 HD D-rings, exactly where you need them! I've never understood why some manufacturers place D-rings on the bed floor as they seem to be in the way).

Item Location

Best Choice Trailers - Pittsburgh

1449 Arona Road

Irwin, PA, 15642

(724) 864-1449

Stock No: 220670

Our Price: $5,895.00
  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2018
  • Manufacturer: Sure-Trac
  • Model: ST8212DD-B-120
  • Length: 12'
  • Width: 7'
  • Weight: 3240 lbs
  • GVWR: 12000 lbs
  • Axle Capacity: 6000 lbs
  • Axles 2
  • Construction Steel
  • Pull Type Bumper
  • Ramps Yes
  • Color Black

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2018 Sure-Trac 7x12' HD LowPro Dump Trailer 12000# GVW - ST8212DD-B-120

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