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2017 Lamar Trailers 102"x18+4' Deluxe Gooseneck Deckover Trailer 14000# GVW


-The Low profile beavertail deck over trailer is the most common model deck over we sell, and is ideal for moving most any piece of equipment that needs transported. The trailer can come equipped a number of different dovetail options (straight deck with 7' slide in ramps, 4' dovetail with 5' stand up ramps, 5' dovetail with 5' flip over "wedge" ramps, 5' dovetail with full width "monster" ramps that fold over flat or can stand up). The low profile design gives a low 32-33" deck height, and the 5' beavertail and 5' ramps give it a very low approach angle, ideal for loading not only equipment, but even cars, and compact tractors, among other things. This model is equipped with a 2 5/16" ball standard, but we also sell quite a few with a gooseneck ball or a 5th wheel insert. It comes standard with 7000# axles, but available axles include: 8000# (16000# GVW), triple 7000# (21000# GVW). We most commonly sell this trailer in 22 and 24' deck length's, with payload including tongue weight of approx. 12000 - 12500# (Gooseneck: 14000-4500 empty + 22% pin weight, Bumper 14000-4000 empty + 15% tongue = 12000#). The model comes pretty well equipped, but does have a fairly extensive list of available options, such as 2-speed jacks, oak deck, hydraulic brakes, and full width ramps. The ideal tow vehicle for this trailer would be a AA¾ ton or 1 ton diesel, while you'd want to a have a 3500 or 4500 series truck for either of the upgraded axle models.

-Low 32-33" deck height (The low deck height makes it ideal for loading a variety of different items. Many in the industry have a higher 36" deck height, making for a steeper approach angle).
-Structural Channel Crossmembers (Lamar uses structural channel floor crossmembers standard, whereas many brands have switched over to a lighter formed floor crossmember. Formed is basically flat steel formed to the shape of a "C" whereas channel is generally thicker in the corners, and is about 1.5 xs heavier depending on the gauge of the formed cross member).
-I-beam mainframe (An I-beam mainframe is a strong, proven frame, and has withstood the test of time for years. Some other manufacturers use a lighter duty channel mainframe).
-Adjustable Coupler (Standard on all HD deck over trailers is your choice of an adjustable 2 5/16" ball or a pintle coupler that allows you to set the ball at different heights to accommodate different tow vehicles, or an optional gooseneck coupler).
-Lots of Tie downs! (Stake pockets on 2' centers, chain spools between each stake pocket, and full length rub rail. This trailer comes equipped with plenty of tie downs to secure most any load. Many will provide a Rub rail, Stake Pockets, Chain Spools, or combination thereof, but not all 3).
-12K jacks (A single 12K jack on bumper pull and dual 12K jacks on goosenecks are standard. We often upgrade these to a 2-speed high/low jack to make them even more user friendly for heavy and light loads. To deploy a drop leg jack, you pull the pin and it and it extends to the ground. If it gets damaged, it's an easy replacement rather than a trip to a fab shop. Dual jacks provide lots of stability for the longer gooseneck models, and have plenty of lifting capability).
-PPG Powder coat paint (One major difference between our trailer and most other models at this price point will be the finish. With a standard PPG powder coat, a good sandblast with steel grit, and a phosphate wash, you're getting an excellent finish relative to price point. Most will have an acrylic enamel paint finish at the lower price points).
-Gooseneck Available (We sell our gooseneck upgrades one of 2 ways. An economy gooseneck is offered with just a tool tray and dual jacks, and then we offer a deluxe gooseneck model that includes a front toolbox, dual jacks, and a spare tire. Both model goosenecks also get standard neck gussets to the side rail and from the horizontal to vertical beam. Some manufacturers don't offer the neck gussets, which provide critical support to the neck).
-Better built beavertail (A tubular rear bumper provides strength for the ramps, and also encloses the wiring in a protected framework).
-Painted Underside (Hard to believe, but if you've crawled under many trailers, you'll quickly find that paint on the underside of some trailers is an option...makes you wonder where else shortcuts are being made).
-Bullet LED lights (Brighter, longer lasting, and they have less draw. Now with the new bullet style which are sleeker and less of a target. Some competitors are still using stud mount incandescent lights)
-Easy lube hubs (This standard feature makes servicing your bearings a breeze for any homeowner armed with a grease gun and a few hand tools)
-Dexter Axles (Dexter is the industry leader in trailer axles. They come standard on all Lamar trailers. Also, Dexter has a complete parts distribution network nationwide, so you'll find parts readily available. On all tandem axles, we have our trailers built with brakes on both axles standard!)
-Radial Tires (Longer lasting and better riding, radial tires should be on all trailers, but sadly, some name brands you've probably heard of still use bias...beware of the "hybrid" tire, which looks like a radial, but is still a bias tire with reduced tread wear).
-Never Adjust brakes (We equip all of our tandem axles with brakes on both axles. The brakes are self or forward adjusting, much like a vehicle, and automatically adjust to the proper clearance via spring tension).
-Sealed wiring harness/Sealed brake connections (More time using the trailer and less time working on it! Our trailer features a sealed modular harness and is equipped with plug & play connections. The wiring is concealed and protected in frame).
-Slipper spring suspension (All 14000# GVW and up deck over trailers will receive the heavy duty suspension standard. It provides more durability and stability to the trailer than dual eye springs. They are also equipped with a wet bolt kit for service).
-Integrated side step (A side step on both sides is a standard feature on all of our deckovers. The deluxe model with come with a step on both sides).
-Channel Side Rail (The outer side rail of the deck over is channel, whereas we've seen some other trailers come in on trade that use either angle iron, non-structural formed steel, or even 4" flat stock).

Item Location

Best Choice Trailers - Pittsburgh

1449 Arona Road

Irwin, PA, 15642

(724) 864-1449

Stock No: 50701

Our Price: $6,250.00
  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2017
  • Manufacturer: Lamar Trailers
  • Model: GF8022227
  • Length: 22'
  • Width: 8' 6"
  • Weight: 4205 lbs
  • GVWR: 14000 lbs
  • Axle Capacity: 7000 lbs
  • Axles 2
  • Construction Steel
  • Pull Type Gooseneck
  • Ramps Yes
  • Color Black

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2017 Lamar Trailers 102"x18+4' Deluxe Gooseneck Deckover Trailer 14000# GVW

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